Why Choose Us?

Global Safety and Emergency Services is your one stop emergency care provider. The company provides many essential services many of which include: EMR, EMT, EMT-P, and gas detection services. The company provides proper training and re-certification for individuals on site with leading first aid. Our units are fully stocked with all Basic Life Support equipment and/or Advanced Life Support equipment. Our staffed medical personnel have attained years of experience in the Emergency Medical Service field, in which they keep their skills up to date on a regular basis. Global Safety and Emergency Services is a multitasking company capable of distributing emergency medical equipment such as stretchers; spine boards, KED, neonatal incubators, chair stairs and others. Global Safety and Emergency Services is a well defined company. As a team we are capable of multitasking, amongst all other services provided we also offer safety personnel with gas detection services. Global Safety and Emergency Services overall is an affordable, dependable and structured company, capable of offering various services.


About Us

Global Safety and Emergency Services Inc. offers a knowledgeable staff that is fully experienced and has acquired proper training in order to provide a more stable basis for the foundation provided. Targeted to meet all needs of the remote location industrial place of work, our personnel provided have an excellent reputation built due to prior experience which are acquired throughout the years and aimed to accommodate your needs.

Our Products

First Aid Kit
A collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving first aid…
In some cases, you may need to use some special tools to aid in extricating an individual…
Spine Board
also called a long spine board (LSB), longboard, spineboard, or backboard, is a patient handling device …